Hey there, I’m Birkan

I’m a MSc student in Computer Science at CAU Kiel. I plan to use this website to emphasise on the newsworthy developments that I see online.

I am passionate about technology, science fiction and history. I like to read about CPUs, GPUs, security-related standards, video codecs, iOS/macOS and devices running such operating systems.

Additionally, I would consider myself a podcast addict.

  • Graduated from ITU with a BSc in Computer Engineering.

  • Presented at ICSE 2018 with my friends and got the 2nd place as a team under SCORE contest.

  • Interned at OBSS as an iOS developer and VESTEK as a software engineer.

  • Worked at Garanti Technology as a system engineer doing mobile device management with MobileIron and Jamf Pro.

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