iOS jailbreak checkra1n is available!

iOS jailbreak checkra1n which is based on checkm8 bootrom exploit is now available for devices from iPhone 5S to iPhone X.

This is literally one of the biggest jailbreak news in the last few years as it will enable jailbreaking newer versions of iOS on devices such as iPhone X for years to come. Unfortunately, I am out of luck as I have an iPhone XS :(

Experimental HTTP/3 support with Cloudflare and Google Chrome

It is now possible to experiment with HTTP/3 thanks to some collaboration between Cloudflare and Google Chrome teams.

And of course, this site is HTTP/3 enabled for those who use Google Chrome Canary builds (at least for now).

FIDO2/WebAuthn support in iOS 13.3

It seems that Safari received support for USB/Lightning or NFC based FIDO2-compliant security keys in iOS 13.3 beta.

This makes using 2FA security keys much easier on iOS devices. Finally, I will be able to use NFC based security keys on my iOS devices.

Google Snap

Google experiments with new networking stack called Snap to replace TCP/IP on datacenters.

I wonder if this will end up as a draft somewhere like previous examples such as SPDY or QUIC. Of course, it is much harder to implement such a thing on the wild compared to a controlled environment such as a datacenter. However, this might spark some extra research in this area.

A new website to try out some ideas

Greetings!, I’m Birkan. I am a MSc student in Computer Science. I plan to use this website to emphasise on the newsworthy developments that I see online. You can find more about me and what I am generally interested in here