Creating depth info from 2D videos

Researchers have used two-dimensional Mannequin Challenge videos as a dataset to create a depth map. Looks very interesting.

Experimental HTTP/3 support with Cloudflare and Google Chrome

It is now possible to experiment with HTTP/3 thanks to some collaboration between Cloudflare and Google Chrome teams.

And of course, this site is HTTP/3 enabled for those who use Google Chrome Canary builds (at least for now).

FIDO2/WebAuthn support in iOS 13.3

It seems that Safari received support for USB/Lightning or NFC based FIDO2-compliant security keys in iOS 13.3 beta.

This makes using 2FA security keys much easier on iOS devices. Finally, I will be able to use NFC based security keys on my iOS devices.

Google Snap

Google experiments with new networking stack called Snap to replace TCP/IP on datacenters.

I wonder if this will end up as a draft somewhere like previous examples such as SPDY or QUIC. Of course, it is much harder to implement such a thing on the wild compared to a controlled environment such as a datacenter. However, this might spark some extra research in this area.